Whose country?

Mohamed Siam | Egypt | 2016 | 57 min | Documentary | Arabic & English narration | English subtitles

Mubarak’s regime granted the Egyptian police a free pass to misuse their power in any way they deemed necessary. Arbitrary arrests, torture and disappearances are only a few of the horrific actions that make the police the most feared and hated group of Egypt. In Whose Country?, for the first time, it is a police officer who dares to talk openly of the culture of corruption, abuse and violence. In the early days of the Arab Spring, filmmaker Mohamed Siam earned the trust of a plainclothes offices, who fosters some hope that the revolution will put an end to the rotten system to which he himself belongs. They keep in contact for three years during which his hope makes way for a great feeling of despair and fatalism: inevitably, their conversations reflect another chronicle of a failed revolution.


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