Visiting ours

Rachida Brakni | Algeria |2016 | 82 min | Feature | Arabic spoken | English subtitles

In her strong debut film, Rachida Brakni portrays life in prison from an unusual perspective as she focusses on the – mainly female – visitors of the prisoners. On an exceptionally heated day, Fatma heads to the institution, accompanied by her daughter Nora, where her son is incarcerated. They are not the only ones hoping to see their loved ones. From the moment that they enter the prison building, the visitors are subjected to the whims of the prison guards: in the blazing heat, the women are being channelled from room to room as frustrations and agitations generate. The conflicts that are bubbling to the surface adequately reflect the struggle of those who have family in prison.


fri 14 april | 19:30
Short film: Aziza

mon 17 april | 22:00
Short film: Ennemies within


De Balie
sun 16 april | 19:45
Short film: Ennemies within


sun 23 april | 19:15
Short film: Submarine