Upon the shadow

Nada Mezni Hafaiedeh | Tunisia | 2017 | 80 min | Documentary | Arabic spoken | English subtitles

In 2013, 18-year old Amina Sboui posted a picture of herself nude from the waist up on Facebook, with the phrase “My body is mine and not the source of anybody’s honour”. Today it is considered to be the first ever FEMEN-protest in Tunisia. Her arrest and detention unleashed world-wide protest, online and offline, as they demanded Amina’s release. Three years after her release, Amina is still combative, and now she has created herself a family of like-minded people. Upon the Shadow captures the events inside and around the house she shares with her friends of the LGBT-community. The rejection by their families and the society, and the pain that goes with it, runs like a common thread through their lives.


fri 14 april | 15:30

mon 17 april | 12:45


De Balie
sat 15 april | 17:00
Followed by debate “Feminism and gender in the Arab world”


fri 21 april | 17:00