Vatche Boulghourjian | Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, France | 2017 |105 min | Feature | Arabic spoken | Dutch subtitles

A seemingly simple administrative procedure ends up making a right mess of the life of the blind musician Rabih. When applying for a passport to travel abroad with his orchestra, Rabid discovers that his identification card is forged. His mother’s questionable explanation is only the beginning of a series of lies that need to be uncovered. His search for the truth is interspersed with mesmerizing musical interludes as Rabih travels across Lebanon and is taken back to Lebanon’s painful history. Everyone seems to cherish their own truth; one that made it possible for them to cope with the horrific realities of the civil war.


wed 12 april | 21:45
Short film: Ayny

sat 15 april | 17:00
Short film: Aziza


De Balie
sun 16 april | 17:30
Short film: All the rest is work of man


sun 23 april | 19:30
Short film: Aziza