Sweat Rain

Hakim Belabbes | Morocco | 2016 | 126 min | Feature |Arabic spoken | English subtitles

M’barek is one of the many small farmers affected by the long-term drought in Morocco. The low financial yield of his land is becoming an additional problem, next to his growing debt with the Agricultural Credit Bank of Morocco. In an effort to turn the tide, M’barek starts to dig a well, in which he descends more and more. His wife, Aicha, has her own concerns. While she puts all her effort in trying to find a school for her son with Down Syndrome, her husband pins all his hopes on the unborn child she is carrying. Sweat Rain is a simple drama on a reserved farm family, full of powerful images and poetic voice-overs, through which the individual family members express their worries and their dreams.


thu 13 april | 15:15

sat 15 april | 22:15

mon 17 april | 16:45
Short film: Ayny


Filmhuis Den Haag
sat 15 april | 14:15