Sins of the flesh

Khaled El Hagar | Egypt | 2016 | 124 min | Feature | Arabic Spoken | English subtitles

In an isolated farmhouse, the urban revolt of 2011 feels very distant. However, the events happening a few hundred miles away play out in an interesting way in the relations between Hasan, a simple farmer, his wife Fatma, Mourad, the rich landowner, and Hasan’s cousin Ali, an ex-convict and former lover of Fatma. Sins of the Flesh is a powerful allegory of the chaotic and violent struggle for power after Egypt’s stolen revolution. The scorching thriller had some difficulties with Egyptian censorship and reheated the discussion on artistic freedom under the new regime.


tue 11 april | 22:15

thu 13 april | 12:45


Podium Mozaïek
sun 16 april | 20:30


thu 20 april | 21:30
Short film: Ayny


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