Henri Barges | Lebanon | 2016 | 107 min | Feature | Arabic spoken | English subtitles

In this refreshing and energetic crime-comedy, two women decide to shake up their boring bourgeois life in Beirut. Housewife Lana, an inner sangfroid and outer beauty, seems to have a natural talent for gambling and sparks the interest of a local bookmaker who introduces her in the criminal world of gaming networks. Her best friend Jenny, who has a natural attraction for danger, accompanies her and falls in love with amoral hitman Wael. The producers of the movie have pulled out all cinematographic stops to drag the spectator into the danger of the gambling world: the intense soundtrack, the audacious camera angles, the smooth-flowing narrative and a scenario full of twists that will blow your mind. The two women play for high stakes: can they hold their own in this male-dominated world?


wed 12 april | 19:00
Short film: We are just fine like this

mon 17 april | 19:30
Short film: Submarine


De Balie
sun 16 april | 22:00
Short film: Bêlons!/Let’s Bleat!



fri 21 april | 21:30
Short film: All the rest is the work of man