I Want a Solution / Oridu Hallan

Said Marzouk | Egypt | 1975 | fiction | 115′ | 35mm | Arabic | English subtitles

Iconic courtroom drama. Doria wants to divorce her authoritarian husband Medhat, but he refuses to agree. Doria will have to go to court. That is easier said than done: the prevailing legislation on divorce favoured the man in all respects. When Medhat proceeds to bribe false witnesses, Doria is faced with an almost impossible task. Director Marzouk and leading lady Faten Hamama wrote the filmscript, which was partly shot in real courtrooms. The scathing criticism of the subordinate position of women was the reason for a change in the law that gave women the right to seek a divorce. Or as Hamama said in 2013: ‘We encouraged women to rebel against the egoism of the men.’

This screening is part of Hommage to Faten Hamama.
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Wed 22 April | 13:00

Sun 26 April | 19:15