Headbang lullaby

Hicham Lasri |Morocco/France/Qatar/Lebanon | 2017 | 111 min | Feature | Arabic, French spoken |English subtitles

Police officer Daoud hasn’t been the same since he suffered a severe head injury during the bread riots in 1981. Five years later, the metal plate in his skull still causes radio and television signals to malfunction, the relationship between him and his wife is disturbed and his face is paralyzed. This makes him the ideal main character of this deadpan comedy by Morocco’s most original film producer, Hicham Lasri. As euphoria reigns and celebrations erupt following the historical victory in the football world cup finale, Daoud is tasked to guard on a bridge where King Hassan II could possibly drive by. In a string of absurd events and encounters, the unofficial history of the country emerges.


sun 16 april | 17:15
Short film: Aziza


De Balie
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