Chronicles of my village

Karim Traïdia | Algeria | 2016 | 93 min | Feature | Arabic spoken | English subtitles

In this rural chronicle, Karim Traïdia goes back to his childhood in the Algerian countryside, at the time of the Independence war. Nine-year old Bachir wishes to become the son of a martyr since children of martyrs awaits great futures. Years before, his father abandoned his family and chose a reclusive life in the mountains. Bachir’s dreams do not detract from his loyalty to his father – just as his friendship with a French soldier does not implicate his patriotism. Despite the childlike innocence of his fantasies and his curiosity, during wartime, they will not go without consequences.



thu 13 april | 19:30
short film: Ennemies within

sun 16 april | 22:15
short film: Ayny



Fri 21 april | 19:00
short film: Aziza


Lumière Cinema 

Sa 22 april 19:00
Short film: Aziza